What Should You Wear to a Reunion?

Reunions can be scary and this holiday season I am going to not one but two reunions. This is a very stressful matter for me as it can be for most people, so I thought of sharing some ideas with you that have helped me overcome the reunion jitters.

It is after all reuniting with your past, with people who remember you as the nerd with the glasses and braces or that popular girl with flawless sense of style. When it comes to reunions, either you want to look different — or you want to look the same. It is crucial to make a great impression without looking like you tried too hard. No matter the type of reunion, you can show up looking awesome and get respect as the person you are today, not the one you were years ago.Closet 3

Whatever type of reunion it is, I think you can alleviate the anxiety by planning ahead: map out pre-event beauty treatments, shop early, get your hair done and go the “less is more” route with fashion.
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