VOTE: Which dress should I wear?

My cousin’s wedding is in a week and I still cannot decide what to wear for the evening party. It is going to be at this swanky hotel ballroom in the city. I have three new dresses and they are … Continue reading


My Mom and I have been discussing this weekend how shapewear can completely alter your whole look. My Mom says that it is like getting lipo without the actual nip and tuck. This is so true considering the shapewear products nowadays can reduce your size by one or two dress sizes. If you have never tried any body shaping products, you might be skeptical.  You probably envision the uncomfortable and seemingly unflattering products of the old days.  However, shapewear products are more comfortable and more flattering than ever. The fabrics they use is so comfortable against your skin that you forget you are even wearing shapewear products.

Here are a few brands bringing high quality and comfort to the nip & tuck effect we call shapewear:

Source: Girl with Curves