Wedding Outfits: Dos and Don’ts

My cousin is getting married in 10 days and all I can think about is what the heck am I going to wear. It is an all day event and that means I will need to be spot-on in selecting the outfit that I can wear through out the day and then change into another outfit for the dinner party.

Here are some wedding outfits dos and don’ts, I found while searching for some guidance:

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DIY Tinted Lip Balm

Perfect… I love it!!! This is an awesome DIY.

I used to do this a while back and they turned out great. If you plan to mix different lipsticks  to make a specific color you want, try to stick to the same brand because sometime the chemicals from different product lines will not interact so well and the end result might not be so good.

Let’s be honest. We all own more beauty products than our lips, cheeks, or eyes can handle. A few weeks ago, I did a massive clean out of my makeup drawer and realized that I have far too many unwanted beauty products taking up precious space. These include lipcolors that I know I would NEVER EVER wear or products that I loathe such as loose mineral eyeshadow or blush (sooo messy). Not sure what I was thinking…

I’m not the only person guilty of this, right?!

The brighter side to this madness is that I’m a little obsessed with lip balm. Dry, cracked lips just irk me! I generally moisturize my lips in the morning after showering, at night after washing my face, and about a hundred times throughout the day. It’s not neurotic behavior, I swear. 

So with all these excess beauty products, I’m sure I can create…

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Bad Hair Day – Solutions for Short Hair

300_850410Bad hair days. We’ve all been there … and it’s so frustrating. We all have those days when our hair just won’t do what it’s supposed to. Or when we’re so busy with meetings, errands and deadlines that spending an hour washing, drying and flat-ironing your hair just isn’t going to happen. When I had long hair, I wanted to cut it because it was way too stingy, greasy, and flat. So I cut it short- I was so excited, it would be low maintenance and I was thrilled to have a stylish hair cut until pieces started sticking out every which way. Now, while it’s growing out, it just looks weird most days. Don’t get me wrong; if I bother to take the time to style my hair or go to the hair salon, it looks just how it’s supposed to. But what’s a girl who’s crunched for time to do with hair that’s just not cooperating? Well, how about creating ways to conceal that bad hair day.
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What Should You Wear to a Reunion?

Reunions can be scary and this holiday season I am going to not one but two reunions. This is a very stressful matter for me as it can be for most people, so I thought of sharing some ideas with you that have helped me overcome the reunion jitters.

It is after all reuniting with your past, with people who remember you as the nerd with the glasses and braces or that popular girl with flawless sense of style. When it comes to reunions, either you want to look different — or you want to look the same. It is crucial to make a great impression without looking like you tried too hard. No matter the type of reunion, you can show up looking awesome and get respect as the person you are today, not the one you were years ago.Closet 3

Whatever type of reunion it is, I think you can alleviate the anxiety by planning ahead: map out pre-event beauty treatments, shop early, get your hair done and go the “less is more” route with fashion.
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Holiday Shopping Tip

Trésors De Luxe

…Make a list!  Write down everyone you plan to buy a gift for, no matter how small the gift may be. Refer to our handy shopping list we’ve posted here! Include ideas of what to give each person, along with the maximum amount you’re willing to spend. Don’t forget to list the people who will receive holiday tips, such as your doorman, babysitter, and mail carrier. This will help you manage your holiday budget.  We make it easy to save within your holiday shopping budget with many items priced at $25 or less!  Take a peek and discover all the little gems awaiting you for the holidays!

Have a treasure filled day! XO ~

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