VOTE: Which dress should I wear?

My cousin’s wedding is in a week and I still cannot decide what to wear for the evening party. It is going to be at this swanky hotel ballroom in the city. I have three new dresses and they are all great, but I can’t for the life of me decide. So, I am going to post pictures of me wearing those dresses below (sorry for the bad pictures, I have a really old camera) and maybe you can help me decide.

Dress #1

3 (2)

Dress #2


Dress #3


So which dress should I wear? 1, 2 or 3? Please vote below:


8 thoughts on “VOTE: Which dress should I wear?

    • Thank you! I do love the color on #1 too but the neckline just isn’t so great. I am leaning towards #2 as most people think it is the one I should wear and the one that looks good on me.I really appreciate your insight! xx

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