Wedding Outfits: Dos and Don’ts

My cousin is getting married in 10 days and all I can think about is what the heck am I going to wear. It is an all day event and that means I will need to be spot-on in selecting the outfit that I can wear through out the day and then change into another outfit for the dinner party.

Here are some wedding outfits dos and don’ts, I found while searching for some guidance:



  • Read the invitation closely for dress code and dress code clues. An evening reception in a city restaurant requires a totally different look from an afternoon in a country church.
  • Dress up. Two people have invited you to witness and honor their marriage vows: that’s huge. The least you can do is look glamorous and decorative in their wedding album.
  • Wear something upbeat. A wedding is a celebration of love. Asymmetric, experimental tailoring in charcoal felt does not send the right message.
  • Wear flats if you need to. Weddings involve lots of walking, standing and dancing so if you’re not comfortable in heels opt for some statement flats instead.
  • Try the outfit on before you leave home if you’re going to be getting ready in a hotel. Check that the outfit works and that you have the right underwear etc.
  • Go for print. Weddings are the perfect time to don a colorful print and not look out of place.
  • Try tailored alternatives. Just because it’s a wedding don’t think you have to wear a skirt or dress. Tailored trousers or shorts can look just as chic.
  • Get creative with your cover-up, banish the dreaded pashmina and cover up with an elegant blazer or trophy jacket instead.




  •  Wear white to a wedding, it’s just easier all round. Since white is in now and if you have to wear that lovely white dress you brought recently, then go ahead and ask the bride, or one of her close friends. Some brides do mind, some don’t – if you’re not sure, check. Do not, however, leave this call until the morning of the wedding when the inner-circle will be, shall we say, a bit busy.
  • Wear anything too obviously foxy. You’re there to applaud and cheer-lead, not to try and steal the limelight. Sorry, but this is not the moment to exercise your principles. Too much cleavage, too short, too tight etc looks unsisterly and attention-seeking.
  • Get hung up on outdated traditions. You can compromise on a somethings but not everything.
  •  Wear brand new shoes. It’s tempting to buy heels specifically for a special occasion like a wedding, but never wear your shiny new kicks without breaking them in first. At a wedding, there’s absolutely no escape from your pretty-yet-painful pumps. It would be a real bummer to miss all the dancing because you can’t walk!
  • Wear jeans.

If you still think you need help with deciding what to wear then click here and here to assist you in finding something to wear to a wedding.



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