Love your body…

We can all appreciate designers, blogs, websites or magazines dedicated to empowering women to love their bodies now and be confident in who they are. I recently read on the Plus Model Magazine‘s October issue about a plus size retailer that was conducting their own survey focusing on the plus size woman and her level of confidence and body image view.


Here is an excerpt from the official press release about the Sonsi survey:


“With plus size women gracing the pages of leading fashion magazines as well as the runways at New York Fashion Week, curvy women should feel good that they finally have a voice,” says Kristin Mongello, Sonsi Director of E-commerce. “But surprisingly a majority of curvy women say they still lack the confidence to dress more fashionably. It really comes back to body image.”


In keeping with its mission to inspire every plus size woman to embrace her curves, Sonsi worked with a team of curvy fashionistas to develop the world’s first Curvy Quotient (CQ) Test, available exclusively at “Designed by curvy women for curvy women, our 2-minute test will help a plus size woman determine her Curvy Quotient, a measurement of her confidence and willingness to embrace her curves,” says Mongello.


According to Mongello, women who score a high CQ will be asked to share their tips with other curvy women. Those whose CQ needs some boosting will be directed to inspirational ‘Boost Your Curvy Quotient’ resources, including a ‘Boost Your CQ’ curated collection.


Plus size women eschew straight size fashion resources, models and celebrities, preferring to find their fashion inspiration among their plus size peers, and from plus size icons like Adele, Melissa McCarthy and Gabourey Sidibe. They’re also embracing the many resources — including plus size pages in national fashion magazines, plus size bloggers and runway shows, like Full Figured Fashion Week — that have emerged to support this silent majority.


“Culturally, the plus size fashion movement has come a long way toward giving women permission to love their bodies and embrace their curves,” says Mongello. “When women stop criticizing their bodies, they feel happier, project more confidence and have more fun with fashion.”


It definitely is a topic that we should not ignore. We can only hope that more women learn to accept and love their bodies because that would mean you would want to dress up that body in the most fashionable way possible. That would also mean you will put yourself out there more and live life to the fullest while you’re on your journey. When we love our bodies, we want to look good and feel good. We don’t want to feel like our body image is holding us back from embracing fashion in our lives or anything else, for that matter. But it all begins within.


So, what’s your Curvy Quotient?

Take Sonsi’s 2-minute CQ Test to find out!



Plus Model Magazine




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