Ethiopia Designers at CFW


Mafi at Caribbean Fashion Week


Yefikir at Caribbean Fashion Week

This year Ethiopian designers took the stage at the Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW), Jamaica’s premier fashion show which heralds the summer calendar of A-list events. The event exceeded all previous standards set, with added glamour, more glitz and many new styles and trends hitting the runway. Through the years, CFW has introduced the public to designers, stylists, models and celebrities from five continents. Jamaica has been graced with individuals from many countries through out the years and this year, out of Africa and unto the CFW stage were Fitkirte (Yefikir Design) and Mahlet (Mafi), two of Ethiopia’s finest designers. While this is not the first time fashion from Africa was displayed, Jamaica boasted a special relationship with Ethiopia on this CFW.  Patrons were able to experience the blending of Ethiopian and Caribbean fashion and culture for the first time.


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