Bad Hair Day – Solutions for Short Hair

300_850410Bad hair days. We’ve all been there … and it’s so frustrating. We all have those days when our hair just won’t do what it’s supposed to. Or when we’re so busy with meetings, errands and deadlines that spending an hour washing, drying and flat-ironing your hair just isn’t going to happen. When I had long hair, I wanted to cut it because it was way too stingy, greasy, and flat. So I cut it short- I was so excited, it would be low maintenance and I was thrilled to have a stylish hair cut until pieces started sticking out every which way. Now, while it’s growing out, it just looks weird most days. Don’t get me wrong; if I bother to take the time to style my hair or go to the hair salon, it looks just how it’s supposed to. But what’s a girl who’s crunched for time to do with hair that’s just not cooperating? Well, how about creating ways to conceal that bad hair day.

Truth is we could all use some tips on how to deal with a bad hair day that don’t involve hiding out in our home or office. So here are some things I do to style my hair to bail me out of those bad hair days:

  • If your hair is short, headbands are your new best friend. Headbands can help take attention away from the state of your hair, as well as help control any loose frizz by holding it into place. So use this trendy fix, to make your bad hair day a fashionable look.
  • Even better – you can go for the cute, edgy look by using a bit of gel or pomade and giving yourself a spiky, messy look. By running the product through your hair and spiking various pieces, you will have a blended, edgy look in minutes. Add accessories, like a fantastic pair of earrings, to draw attention away from your hair.
  • front twistTry doing some simple twists either at the front or back of your hair depending on the length of your hair. It is fairly simple and only requires some bobby pins to secure the twists in place.
  •  When all else fails, reach for a classic. So you have tried everything else and it is now time to go for the scarf or hat method. This classic technique that has been used for years without fail. Sleek you hair back, tie a cheery scarf round your head like a headband, or try out a new wide brimmed hat that evokes a bygone era. Or you can just wear a fedora or beanie, show off your hipster side. Whatever you choose, you will be hiding a bad hair day and trying out a new style all at the same time.

Check out the video below on 10 Ways to Tie A Silk Head Scarf.

Use all of these tricks across various days and no one will ever suspect the bad hair that you are hiding; they will just think that you are rocking several new styles.

Have fun trying out some of these different techniques, and remember to keep things in perspective. It is only hair, it will grow back!


One thought on “Bad Hair Day – Solutions for Short Hair

  1. It was an old friend who I hadn’t seen for a while, and I could just
    tell that something was wrong. Well, you probably wouldn’t have much fun sulking either.
    When this day doesn’t deserve Bengals tickets, I don’t understand what does.

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