What Should You Wear to a Reunion?

Reunions can be scary and this holiday season I am going to not one but two reunions. This is a very stressful matter for me as it can be for most people, so I thought of sharing some ideas with you that have helped me overcome the reunion jitters.

It is after all reuniting with your past, with people who remember you as the nerd with the glasses and braces or that popular girl with flawless sense of style. When it comes to reunions, either you want to look different — or you want to look the same. It is crucial to make a great impression without looking like you tried too hard. No matter the type of reunion, you can show up looking awesome and get respect as the person you are today, not the one you were years ago.Closet 3

Whatever type of reunion it is, I think you can alleviate the anxiety by planning ahead: map out pre-event beauty treatments, shop early, get your hair done and go the “less is more” route with fashion.

For school reunions, it depends on the dress code of the event however you’re going to be seeing old teachers, principals, classmates so make sure you look wonderful. Go for the simple but chic approach! I recommend taking the timeless approach and choosing an eye-catching classic dress with a flattering silhouette in a solid color; platform heels and a small purse. The key to pulling off a stylish, sophisticated look that is sure to impress is dressing for your figure, something that shows off your best features, hides problem areas and doesn’t show too much skin. If you’re more comfortable wearing a suit than a dress, opt for an after-five style. If your plans include picnics, pool parties or outside events, go with the same strategy above. Opt for understated outfits: a pretty sundress, a dark maillot with a sarong, cropped pants and a cute top. Cover up with a maxi dress or caftan-style dress for a breezy look. Skip complicated looks, uncomfortable styles or fussy prints.

Family reunions can also be stressful even though they are supposed to be fun and full of love. We all cannot deny that there are probably some family members that we wish we can avoid. There are just some family member that will be studying every move you make, who you come with and what you’re wearing so that they can talk. Family is family and every family reunion is different! Whether it’s being held at a park, restaurant or a reception area go for casual yet trendy. A family reunion is a must-do occasion that requires a bit of fashion know-how. Nailing that reunion getup is about playing it safe for a style that is basic, functional and all in the family cool. Think comfort first. Don’t over or under dress. Know what activities will be held and dress accordingly. Understand you will be seeing family you haven’t seen in years and your clothes is a pretty good indication of how well you are doing (to some anyways). Wear appropriate shoes, if you’re going to be outside, heals are not appropriate. Try fitted dark denim jeans with a simple top, fitted blazer and dressy flats. This will let you participate in family activities with ease while looking great.


  • Avoid over-sized clothing that makes you look sloppy, heavy or unkempt. Don’t wear too much makeup. Do not wear running sneakers. They do nothing for an outfit and will not represent you in the best way.
  • Don’t skimp on grooming – glowing skin, healthy hair, manicured nails and toes are essential. Depending on how far you are willing to go (and how much you can spend).
  • Do shop early – once you have a date and an idea of the dressiness of the event, you can start the search for an outfit. Locate the dress before you buy shoes or accessories.
  • Do update your look – a new outfit doesn’t have to be young and trendy; it does need to show that you’ve progressed over the years and pay attention to changing styles. Make sure you hair and makeup have changed over the years, too.
  • Don’t dress too young – with today’s advances in skin and body treatments, it’s not impossible to look really hot at your reunion. But don’t be tempted to show off your girlish figure with skintight dresses, miniskirts and multiple body piercings: you’ll look ridiculous.
  • Don’t worry too much – everyone else is stressing too! Once you get there and start seeing old friends, catching up, sharing baby pictures and swapping email addresses, you’ll find that your preoccupation with looks will start to disappear.

Make your overall look neat, trendy and sharp, and you’ll shine.


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