Makeup – New Trends

This season is all about glamor and DRAMA! From mega lashes to dark liner, the latest beauty looks are extremely fierce.


  • Dark Lipstick: deep burgundy or mauve lipstick. To keep the color on all day, fill in your lips first with a matching lip pencil and top the lipstick with a moisturizing balm. Keep the focus on your lips by leaving the rest of your makeup understated.


  • Dark Eyeliner. Winged liquid liner a la Cleopatra is a major look for fall. Try a single line if the full look is too much for you and give yourself time to practice before taking this look out on the town.
  • Mega Lashes. The secret to realistic-looking false lashes is trimming a strip to fit your eyes perfectly. Use a toothpick to put a thin line of lash glue on the strip before applying. If a full strip is too much, just cut them in half and use on the outer edges of your eyes.
  • Pale Shadow. Sheer, shadow makes a beautiful contrast to dark eyes and plays up light ones. Simply brush on a thin layer of shadow for a touch of shimmer that won’t look caked-on.
  • Full Brows. If you plan to grow out your pair, be sure pluck any errant strays (especially in the unibrow zone) and keep them in line with a swipe of clear mascara.


  • Straight Fringe. Try rocking some blunt bangs without the commitment of the big chop! Pick up some faux fring and get your hairstylist to trim them to the right length (if you don’t trust your own skill with the scissors). Then you can just pop them on or off whenever you want.
  • Braids. If your hair is long enough, try a hairline braid or pin a side-braid into a headband style. Add fullness to shorter hair with a braided hair piece.
  • Mod bob. I didn’t even realize that this was in this season but yours truly got the mod bob last week even dyed my hair black. With the 1960s being very much a part of the fashion scene again, the fashion world has turned its attention to the revival of styles that not only have overtones of the decade, but also romanticize it.
  • Bobby pins. It doesn’t get cheaper or easier than this! Play up a deep side part with a cluster of bobby pins over one ear.


  • Two-tone. Nail art ain’t going anywhere. Even the house of Chanel revealed nail art for their couture show. Get the haute look by using a metallic nail pen along the sides of your nails, meeting at the base. Tres chic!
  • Metallics. Shimmery (but not glittery) chrome nail polish shades are a perfect contrast to the dark, heavy clothes of the season. Try a bronze, pewter or lilac shade. To keep the colors from going on streaky use a ridge-filling base coat.
So, what beauty looks are you dying to try this fall?

Source: typef, andreaschoice


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