Fashion Tips for Curvy Women

  1. Dress for the size you are—not what you want to be or once were! Work with what you have! Own it.
  2. Don’t cover your curves! Big clothes on a big body only make you look bigger.
  3. Dress from the inside out. A well-fitting bra and shapewear will camouflage all lumps and bumps.
  4. Clothes should skim your body, not cling to it. Think high-waist, wide trousers, and A-line or flared skirts.
  5. Skirts should end just before or under the kneecap. Your legs will look longer.
  6. A dress with a belt will cinch you in, focusing attention on your smaller waist.
  7. Shorter, fitted jackets will also flatter your legs—and waist.
  8. Avoid elasticized waistbands. They might be comfortable, but they add bulk to your midsection.
  9. Keep necklines open. A deep V- or scoop neck lengthens your neck.
  10. Wear shoes with wider heels, this makes your feet look small.



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