Eco Friendly Fashion Show – Made In Ethiopia

Sustainability, a healthy lifestyle and fair trade were the theme of the Eco Friendly Fashion Show that was held at the Radisson Blu Hotel on Friday August 3, 2012.

The eco-friendly fashion show featured hand crafted designs from famous fashion houses in Ethiopia such as Paradise Fashion, Lek Designs, Mercy Décor/Design Institute and Urban Roots Eco Couture.

The show started with a spectacular display of Korean Taekwondo skills by the grand children of the “Kagnew Veterans”. Their enthusiasm for the sport transpired as they demonstrated their talents.

Following the Taekwondo show,Mercy Décor/Design Institute introduced their simple yet elegant designs. Most notable was the dress composed on top of fully green leaves featuring a yellow Ethiopian traditional dress on the bottom.

The evening also featured entertainment through a standup comedy performance which cracked up the audience as well as some traditional sounds from the Jazzamba musical band.

The next show featured the designs of upcoming male designer Mickyas Girma. Mickyas used recycled plastic to make his unique designs.

Ruth Woldeselassie, founder of Urban Roots Eco Couture, also featured designs made from materials produced by non-profit and fair trade groups. In addition to the models, Ruth showcased her designs for children.

Paradise Fashion featured one of Ethiopia’s powerhouse designer Genet Kebede and her elegant designs. The different colors and textures featured in her evening gowns exemplified the skills she gained from her experience in the design rooms of Rome and Argentina.

The fashion show was organized by Urban Roots Eco Couture and Mercy Décor/Design Institute.


The clothing industry is reaching out to people who want to protect the earth and believe that people who work should receive a living wage. Eco-fashion clothes are made using raw organic materials such as cotton grown without pesticides. With the eco-fashion industry still in its infancy stage the main responsibility lies on manufacturers and designers to find sustainable materials. – Ruth Woldeselasie


2 thoughts on “Eco Friendly Fashion Show – Made In Ethiopia

  1. This is a great initiative and to me the biggest challenge fashion has to face now : designing eco friendly pieces that are both ethical and fashionable. It’s great to know that some labels produce such pieces (I love the dress on the picture). Thanks for the follow ! Eco friendly wishes from Marseille, France !

    • Salut form Addis Ababa! Firstly, I would like to thank you for commenting and really appreciate that you are not a silent reader. Honestly, that’s a great thing indeed. Not everyone who visits my blog leaves a comment and you are the first one to do so! The green/ eco-friendly fashion intiatives in Addis look very promising, even with all the challenges they are facing at the time. I promise to blog more about them. Thank you again. Please do email me your ideas and suggestions to improve my blog. XX

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