Nail Art

I have been meaning to do a post on nail art. So last night I thought of doing a sort of how to on crackle nail polish and how to achieve the best effect from any product.

For people who don’t have time or money for elaborate nail art, but want to give their nails a dramatic look then crackle nail polish can help. This is a specific type of nail polish that  is offered by various brands. What makes this nail polish special is that one thin layer on the nail will start crackling as it dries creating very unique patterns. People will think the effect was painstakingly done with a brush, stroke by stroke.

The technique that I followed in order to get the effect is as follows:

Prepare your nails by giving yourself a manicure. Make your nails free of any nail polish and oils,  your nails need to be clean and dry.

1. Base Coat

You can use matte nail polish or any regular nail polish for the base and the back color of the nail.  Black, white, gold and silver are recommended colors for the base since they match with most of the crackle colors. However, any combination will be fine, this is really up to you. As you can see from the picture, I used a green base coat.

2. Crackle Coat

Before applying the crackle coat, take the nail polish bottle upside down, put it in between the palm of your hands and rub it for about 20 seconds or so. This allows the air bubbles trapped in the bottle to dissipate, otherwise it will create big lumps when you apply it and will not look right.

Allow the base coat to dry for about 10 to 20 minutes depending on the base nail polish you have used. After the base coat gets completely dry, simply paint the crackle nail polish, then the amazing crackles will start to appear on the nail as it dries. I like painting a thin layer of the crackle coat diagonally to get the prefect effect as you can see from the picture.

3. Top Coat

After the crackle coat gets dry apply any regular clear top coat. This will help the crackle effect to last and protects your nail. It also makes your nails look so much better since most crackle nail polish are usually matte and are not that visible in some cases.

To make the crackle look smaller or bigger is actually very easy. Paint light when you want smaller crackle and paint heavy when you need a bigger crackle.

From my experience, I recommend applying a thin layer of the crackle coat for best results – don’t lay this stuff on thick; it just won’t work if you do. Also, don’t forget to apply a clear top coat. Those two steps combined really make all the difference.

Video tutorials can be found on YouTube and nail polish websites that show how to create nail art.


2 thoughts on “Nail Art

  1. The ladies at Boston do any excellent job at nail art. I did an Ethiopian flag on one finger for the Olympics, which looks beautiful 🙂

    • Oh, I love Boston! They have an amazing service and it’s the perfect place to get all the spa treatments a girl would need including manicures and pedicures. XX

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