Addicted to Shoes

Hello, I’m Bella and I am a shoes addict.

How do you know if you are a shoes addict?

Consider the following: Have you ever bought shoes that don’t fit you? Do you have a lot of shoes in your closet that you never wear? Have you ever experienced shortness of breath at the sight of shoes? Do you consider a pair of shoes marked down from ETB2,000 to ETB1,800 a great deal? Do you open your closet and stare at your shoes for no apparent reason? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then welcome to the club. Still unsure, then you can click here to take an online quiz to find out.

It is a little hard to explain to a non-members, even though I think everyone is more aware about ‘shoe addiction’ and it has become a bit of a cliché these days (thanks to Carrie Bradshaw and  the documentary film God Save My Shoes), I will nevertheless try my best.

I think shoes are every woman’s weakness. It is like we can’t live without them, but we can’t buy all of them. Well, in my case my husband would freak out if I tried to, he already thinks that I have too many. Then there is window shopping and there is no harm in that, right?!.

Like most women, I have a relationship with shoes that is unparalleled by any other thing. I believe it all started when I was a child, it was then that I knew that shoes where the best accessory a girl can have. Shoes can completely change how you look and accentuates your outfit. It just brings everything together. It has been the case, many times, that I selected an outfit based on a specific pair of shoes.

My Mom has a lot to do with my obsession with shoes. Her shoe collection is impeccable. I used to try each one of her shoes and pretend to be her- going off to work, brunch with her sisters or some special occasion. Now I have my own collection.

I’m not quite yet proud of my shoe collection, I don’t think I have enough shoes. My shoes are neatly organized by color, style and heel height.I have them lined up in the small closet space I have (4 small closet spaces actually and two of which are at my parent’s house). One closet is dedicated solely for those shoes I have rarely or never worn, just to showcase them – mostly stilettos. Nowadays, all I can think about is building a closet to display them and my dream shoe closets are Christina Aguilera’s and Mariah Carey’s. They are to die for!

The day that I actually realized that I am addicted to shoes was when I saw the movie In Her Shoes and it got on my favorite movie list even though I didn’t like the movie that much. It was the shoes and that one line from the movie that got to me. When Rose Feller (Toni Collette) said,

“Clothes never look any good. Food just makes me fatter. Shoes always fit.”

I felt like Rose (Toni’s character on the movie) was a kindred spirit and she had articulated exactly how I felt about shoes.

Most people are baffled about the shoes that I never or rarely wear. To clarify, I might have a lot of shoes in my closet but it is only eight or nine pairs that I wear often. I do buy at least six to eight shoes a year, even if it is the wrong size, just because I liked them.

Yes! I know what you are thinking, “It is insane!”.

I must admit, I have buyer’s remorse after I buy a new pair, then again I take one look at them and I feel like I had made a great decision. It might seem odd but I buy shoes because it cheers me up. It is like a treat, something wonderful that brings a bit happiness in my life. Women like me would definitely agree.

Besides, it is like investing in art, shoe art that is!

As a fellow shoe addict had said,

” I’m happy to take a twelve-step program to acknowledge my addiction, but only if I can wear a fabulous new pair of shoes to mark each step!”


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