Challenge: The Cropped Trouser

As a girl with curves, finding the right pair of pants is a challenge in itself, let-alone ones that rival runway trends.

One of the biggest challenges I always face is following trendy pant-styles especially the cropped trouser. I wanted a cropped trouser – stylish, comfy, and extremely versatile.

I have searched everywhere, in-person, online, and even in a friend’s closet, I hadn’t come across a perfect day-to-night, cropped pant. Then I decided to find out what works for women like me (bottom-curvy body shaped) and how I can make it my own.

So here is a guide that helped me find that elusive cropped pant:

I believe a  curvy girl can certainly start to let her ankles breathe by donning a pair of hot cropped pants. I am not suggesting just any cutoffs that come in our size but options that are much chicer and styles that look great on curvy girls like us, whether for a leisurely weekend brunch, a date or even work. I am hoping that this guide will help you find just the right pair for your body and your lifestyle, just like I did.

  1. Find the right length. Styles that cover the widest part of your calf are typically perfect for everyday wear, especially leggings. A style that is made of finer fabric and comes down to just above the ankle is perfect for work.
  2. Don’t truncate yourself. As usual, this all comes down to knowing your body. Be careful not to pick styles that make you look shorter. Some pants that are between knee and calf length can make legs look stumpy, especially if you have short legs. It’s better to go higher or lower.
  3. Consider the shoe. A longer cropped pant, for example – one that stops just above the ankles and has somewhat of a traditional trouser shape – can look super stylish with flats for work. And, when you’re circling around town in cut-off leggings – either running errands or after a workout – an athletic shoe can work.
  4. When you’re meeting friends out or going on a date, wear a heel. A high heel helps give back any height that a cropped pant may take away. Also, added length goes a long way for thick thighs. A general rule of thumb: If the pant is short, the heel should be high.
  5. Be conscious of fabric and shape. Playing with length and fit are fun for casual or evening dressing, but planning a work outfit is where it can get tricky. When you need to be professional, be sure that the fabric you choose is of high quality and allows for a bit of movement. Light wool is great, and so is finely woven cotton. It is important, however, that the shape is not too voluminous.

Keep it simple. The goal is to be chic and polished.



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